Encrypt is our secure point-to-point file transfer system.
We use it for receiving mailing data and for proofing.

It is secure – using TLS v1.2 or v1.3 with AES 256 bit encryption,
between your desktop browser and our data processing systems.

Unlike other systems, Encrypt is:

  • hosted by us, at our sites, under our control.
  • solely for our use, it is not a shared platform and is not shared with other organisations.


Key terms of use

  • Encrypt is only for the confidential transfer of electronic files between
    clients & RW Pierce, as part of normal business operations.
  • A custom URL is available to clients for this purpose.
  • All access attempts to, and usage of Encrypt are recorded.
  • Unauthorised access to the Encrypt system is a criminal offence under Irish, UK & international law.